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Local Food Favorites

I like food. I eat every day. Here are some of my favorites in the Fresno/Clovis/Central Valley area:
  • Geno's Sandwiches and Salads.
    • Everything is great. I usually go with some italian combination.
  • China Restaurant.
    • Family style with won tons, sizzling rice soup, pot stickers, fried rice, tangerine beef, and one of the shrimp plates.
  • Speedy Zapato's Mexican Food
    • Usually chili verde or chimichanga. Plain bean & cheese burrito is also amazing. I always add fench fries.
  • House of Kebab
    • I always get the Chicken Pilaf bowl but you put their garlic sauce on old socks and it would be delicious!
  • Mitsui Buffet
    • Go when they are busy. Their sushi is awesome, espcially for a buffett! Don't miss the soup station. I have them make me a hot, fresh plate of shrimp fried rice.