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Bridge Loan

Cross Collateral Equity Transfer Loan.



  • Purchase your DREAM-HOME without selling your current home first.
  • Allows up to one year to sell the departing residence or other property.
  • Low, interest-only payment so you don’t have two hefty mortgage payments.
  • Your current primary mortgage payment is completely ignored in qualification.
  • No need for temporary housing between selling and closing on the new home.
  • Use equity in your current home to qualify for the new home.
  • Available for Primary, Secondary, and Investment property purchase.
  • 100% financing available including fees and costs depending on current equity.
  • May finance up to 75% combined value of both properties.

·         Use as much or as little of your equity as you wish for the new purchase.

·         Refinance loan type and equity moved to the new home are up to borrower, subject to qualification.



  • CreditAs per Agency guidelines except:
    • Minimum credit score of 680+ is required.
    • Non-traditional credit is not allowed.
    • 1X30 mortgages late may be allowed in the last 12 months but not in the last 90 days.
    • 2X30 installment/revolving may be allowed in the last 12 months but not in the last 90 days.
  • Income – As per Agency guidelines except:
    • Maximum 45% DTI.
    • Listed property payment is not counted.
  • Assets – As per Agency guidelines except:
    • 12 months PITI reserves are required.
    • POC items can be refunded at close.
    • Fees, costs, and impounds may be financed up to 75% limitation.
  • Property – As per Agency guidelines except:
    • Full appraisal is required on the cross-collateralized property.



  • Cross-collateralized property must be listed for sale.
  • Minimum loan of $150,000.
  • Tax and Insurance impounds are required.
  • Proceeds from sale of cross-collateral property will be held in escrow pending refinance of the Bridge loan.
  • Bridge lien must be 3rd place or better on cross-collateralized property.